John Adams Photography

John Adams wedding photography is based in Milton Keynes and carries out 20 to 30 weddings a year all over the UK. Located in the middle of the country, John loves to travel and is only a few hours away from most of the UK’s population. Travel further afield is no problem as John will be delighted to spend the whole weekend in the West Country, Cumbria, Northumberland, Scotland, and Ireland, he regards this as a bonus. John fully understands the importance of knowing what a couple is looking for in a photographer, and this is why every photo shoot John takes is just as unique as the individuals he is photographing. John likes to take the time to get to know couples before a wedding, answering any questions that might have but also asking a few of his own, just to make sure that your big day goes off without a hitch. It is very important to connect with the couple before the wedding and John’s gregarious nature helps a great deal, he prefers face to face meetings if possible, but excellent relationships can and have been established with couples further afield. John has worked with some of the UK’s most successful wedding photographers, and he likes to keep up with the latest styles and methods by attending regular workshops. He also keeps up to date with the latest technologies, continually updating his cameras and lenses, using the latest and best that Canon has to offer. That means he is shooting up to 50-megapixel images using the fastest and best quality lenses available.
Frequently Asked


Will I own the photos?
Yes you will own them outright.
Are the photos watermarked?
They have my name and logo in the bottom right hand corner in small print, hardly noticeable, this can be removed for any enlargements or canvas if preferred. They are not watermarked in the centre.
What happens on a Pre-shoot?
Normally held at the venue when possible, most importantly we get to know each other and discuss your exact requirements, must have shots, group photo lists etc. You will also get some professional photos for an intro to your album. Usually casually dressed or formal if you prefer, these tend to be fun photos, there are many examples if you scroll down on the homepage.
What happens if anything goes wrong?
In the very unlikely event of the photos going missing, data card error, camera being stolen etc (this has never happened!), I have personal and public liability insurance of up to two million pounds. In the worst possible case we do the whole wedding again.
What equipment do you use?
I use the latest Canon technology available with the best Canon lenses. Main camera is 5DS at 50 megapixels, second camera is 6D 20 megapixels, the best camera for low light situations. Lenses are all Canon, 85mm 1.2, the best portrait lens there is, 24 - 70 mm 2.8 MkII known as the first zoom to be as sharp as primes. The 70-200 2.8 zoom, very sharp and ideal for candid unobtrusive photography.
How do we pay you?
I ask for a £100 deposit to book the wedding day with the remainder payable two weeks before the wedding or earlier if you wish, bank transfer is the preferred method of payment or cash if you prefer.
What experience do you have?
I have been a photographer for over 20 years now and shoot in the region of thirty weddings a year. I attend regular workshops by some of the UK's best known Photographers to keep up with technology and contemporary ideas in all areas.
Why are you so expensive?
I charge roughly 50% of some photographers and do not limit my time or number of photos and you are free to print your own photos with no restrictions. You also will receive three sets of photos on DVD or memory stick, colour, monochrome and retro pastel. Your photos will be shot through the latest cameras and lenses totalling more than £12,000. For the all inclusive package you will receive a 30 page album containing up to 100 of your favourite photos and you get to choose them.
Why are you so cheap?
Compared to some photographers I could be regarded as cheap for what you get but I would rather be out photographing more weddings and thoroughly enjoying what I do rather than quoting unrealistic prices.
How far do you travel?
I will travel to most parts of the UK mainland but only for the all inclusive package price. I have been to Yorkshire, Kent, Essex, Warwickshire, Avon & West Country, Wales and Scotland would be no problem.
Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes I do have public liability insurance with cover up to £2,000,000.