2017 Wedding Season

June 6, 2017 , , admin

Wedding Season Approaches

2017 Wedding photography season now approaching fast, time has come for the spring pre-shoots to commence. These are a great time to get to know and get used to each other from both sides of the lens. Pre-shoots are normally casual in contrast to the immaculately dressed wedding day. I normally get some great fun shots of the couple, discuss in fine detail the plan for the day, including timings, group shots and bride and groom shots, including preparation, ceremony, speeches, candid shots etc. Along with pre-shoots for this year, bookings and first meets are now coming in for 2018

A selection of couples getting married this spring and summer

  I have twenty plus weddings booked in the high season from May to August so it is going to be a very busy summer! My normal turnaround for photos is around one week only and for albums its two weeks due to postage time from the supplier. I am able to do this very quickly as it is my full time job with 100% of my working time allocated to photography and post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I have one or two weekend days still free in the summer months for any last minute requests, weekday weddings are not normally a problem, although I have a few Fridays booked.

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